21 thoughts on “How Do You L❤️ve YourSELF

  1. I remember when Oprah started with her ‘write down three things you are grateful of each day, before sleep’. This reminds me of that.
    There are a lot of wise souls among us…your ‘challenge’ is proving this again 🙂

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    1. Patty, I remember it too. I STILL do it (after I work out). I’m glad you’ve mentioned there are a lot of wise souls among us. I remember when I first began writing and being “inspirational” on purpose. I watch a lot of Oprah and now the OWN network and I always thought, ‘this would be better if it came from regular people…people want to hear from regular people because it’s easy to say something when you have billions of dollars’! And now…look! Here we all are, regulars connecting and supporting one another.

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      1. But what is ‘regular’, Katherin?
        Isn’t it, we love Oprah, because she came from ‘regular’, striven for doing better, worked hard and educated herself, now knowing better, she does better and thrives?

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      2. Yes yes, but at this point her multimillionaire status does set her apart in some ways and I’ve noticed a lot of her guests are also moguls in some way. I suppose I mean the average, everyday person who works for a living and still desires to know how to do things that people like her discuss.

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