21 thoughts on “How Do You Love YourSELF ðŸ’›

      1. During a study (Existential Well-Being) they spoke of limitations instead of negatives…I too fell in love with the positiveness of that. Since then, I added it too my thought process and well, way of living…embracing both 😉

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  1. My favorite so far. “You know your truth” caught my attention… sometimes we’ve been living someone else’s story for so long that we have to dig really deep to find our own truth again. But it’s in there. Keep looking. 🙂

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    1. Glad this one resonated with you. What you say is absolute truth. We grow up listening to what our friends, family, even jobs want us to do. It’s so easy to get lost in all that and forget that we actually have a voice.

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      1. Remember you asking me, to let you know if find the answers to my questions and I responded ‘aren’t they right in front of us?’
        This is to me something similar… Deep down we know the answers, we know our truth…Daring to be vulnerable and strong enough to live by that truth, I think that’s the ‘trick’.

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