The Unhappy Wife: Book Review

First review of the new year is by Lovey over at Maquillage! Check out what she thought. Check out her feminist perspectives about this and other topics. And of course, if you haven’t yet, check out The Unhappy Wife πŸ™‚


I had to read this book the moment I was told the theme by its very own Author. She is one inspirational, motivating and rousingly beautiful woman. Yes, an academician and a blogger too. Well, she is one

The Unhappy Wife,Β a book of short stories based on the real lives of 12 women in marital discontent. Twelve women share one thing in common – the quest for being happily married to the men they chose; however, each one finds herself in an unexpected marital predicament. Inspired by real events and told from each woman’s perspective, these short stories are firsthand accounts detailing the realities of marriage well after each woman said β€œI do.”

Β It has all the perfect ingredients for my taste. No, I am not married but we are all aware of the dynamics of a Relationship between a Man and a Woman. And, I…

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19 thoughts on “The Unhappy Wife: Book Review

  1. Great review! I especially liked the line “Get married ONLY if you want to, not when your family, friends, Partner or society want you to. “…That is indeed one of the wonderful lessons, you should take from this well written book.

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      1. But of course I do! It’s funny. Before I reblogged Lovey’s, I kept thinking, there’s another one, but who is it??? So I’d decided I was all caught up and hers was next lol
        Now, I remember it was yours! Appreciate the read and review, so I’ll be reblogging

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  2. One thing I consistently here is that your book is a page turner, and I can attest to that first-hand. It’s kind of like binge watching your favorite Netflix series – you just can’t stop reading!

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