64 thoughts on “Inspiring Image #37: Chillin

  1. Hi,

    thanky your for your colorful contribution at my quaterly competition “Bunt” (Colorful). Your picture is really full of color. I think it is a HDR imgage, or? You will find your nice post as #20 in the competition list.

    A short remark: Please add a link to my comtetition in your post. Thank you.

    Best regards

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    1. Thanks Neil! I try. Sooo, this is in the park downtown, but apparently, (and I found this out later because a Jacksonville Civil Rights Activist from the 50’s contacted me) this was a HUGE and monumental site, so for me to have captured these Black men sitting there was rather symbolic.

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  2. Ah, this reminds me of the times my dad and uncles would sit around on the weekend playing card games and cutting up. Lol.
    I like how you captured everyone and the Civil Rights plaque in the back. Very powerful photo! Beautiful. πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘

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    1. I know right? On my mother’s side of the family, she had a group of male cousins and they used to PAR-TY girl. All I remember is them playing games, drinking, and singing Brick House in unison lol

      The Civil Rights plaque is so interestingly behind them because when I first took the picture, I didn’t even notice it…just them.

      And Thank You!

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      1. So interesting to see how we all pick up on things differently. I also find your Civil Rights plaque as a perfect fit in your photo and imagined your composing of it with the gentlemen in the foreground. It was the next thing I saw after gazing at the men. And yet, you noticed it more afterwards. Funny how that happens sometimes. 😊

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      2. True true…I think it’s because of where I was “mentally” at the time. I just kept thinking how cool it was that they had the space and time to kinda chill out and do what they want in the middle of the day on a Tuesday in May (a mouthful I know) lol but that fascinated me so much that I didn’t even recognize their surroundings.

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  3. Great composition, esp with the Civil Rights sign in the background. Wonder what’s going on, on the table? Maybe a card game? A petition being circulated? Great catch of a “slice of life.” πŸ™‚

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    1. Thanks Joan! I think they were playing card or dice. What’s even more interesting is another blogger sent this to someone who’s famous for organizing sit-ins here (decades ago) and he (Rodney Hurst) bought the photo! This was one of the most organic examples of simply living life I’ve experienced…from taking the photo to sharing to selling πŸ˜‰

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    1. Thanks! Absolutely real life (with help from a filter). If it does inspire you please share. I love when art inspires art. In fact, I have a post about that very topic coming soon.


      1. Hiya, ok, thanks again–just posted a flash fiction piece using your photo. PLEASE tell me if I failed to properly credit you.
        Also, sent the photo to Mr. Hurst, who helped organize the demonstration. He would like to buy a print of your photo.
        Best, Amy

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    1. Whew! This is why we get along Mek…you get me. Seriously, I was trying to make sure I captured that plaque in the background and also I’m playing around with how to take candid pics. ’tis a lot harder than I thought.

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      1. 😊 cool- you’re doing well- but you really need to do a humans of florida segment! I want to know these guys stories. I was half serious when I said you should pic a ‘kwote’ to share with your subjects and capture their response/thoughs/reactions…

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      2. Haha. No you’re right, I worded it ambiguously when I’d said something like ‘throw a quote at them and see whst they say’ haha. After writing it, i thought it too funny to delete or reword haha. I had meant to clarify eventually but forgot – till now! 😊 ok, off to sleep. Have a lovely day x

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