26 thoughts on “Inspiring Image #76: Cedar Key Dog

  1. He looks a little sad to me for some reason….
    YAAASSSS girl, I just stepped up here and started talking like I been commenting all week! LOL!!! I miss you guys so much. I started a new job and it is taking up so much time. Hopefully I can get back to blogging after I get settled.

    I had to step off social media for a minute during the interviewing and background checking process. Chile, they might have found something crazy that Lady G said on these blogs and thangs! LOL!!
    Take care and I will be back soon. Much love and light to you and your family!
    Peace to you Prof!

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  2. Excellent camouflage–a sand-colored dog on the beach! You capture the most amazing things, KE. Ours are water dogs, natural swimmers. A portion of the beach clings to their wet bodies on the return trip, have to keep a vacuum in the RV. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. Thanks Joan! I embarrass the you know what out of my children, but I try to never miss what I thin is a good shot. Also, I’m glad you cleared this up for me. I was wondering how one gets all of this sand out of a dog’s fur. Seems annoying…

      To tie all of this together, I was going to ask the owner if he was going to wash the dog. Both my girls were like, “Mommy NOOO! The man will think that you think he keeps his dog dirty” :-/

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      1. I don’t wash my dogs–dry dirt is easier to deal with than wet. When their fur dries, the sand will fall and/or be shaken off. Then we vacuum the couch… and carpet… and bed… Living with some sand is inevitable. But the dogs love playing on the beach and I’d never deny them that pleasure. ๐Ÿ™‚

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