Afterword for The Unhappy Wife by Anita Charlot

TUWcover2I’ve talked a lot about the stories and the women of The Unhappy Wife, but there’s something else unique about this book. There’s an AFTERWORD by relationship coach, Anita Charlot! This afterword is special because Anita offers online relationship coaching, so anyone…anywhere can benefit! What follows is the first of her three pages of wisdom.


Kathy has done an excellent job of sharing the different and very complex struggles of women in unhealthy and unhappy marriages. As I read each story, I saw many similarities between what was written and many of the women that I have coached in the past, myself included. The pain, the disappointment, the second-guessing, and the tolerance are all too familiar.

How is it that women find themselves in unhappy marriages? Here are a few reasons I’ve uncovered while coaching my clients:

They are afraid to be alone

They do not know what a “healthy relationship” looks like

They have not yet learned to truly love and honor themselves

They have yet to find their voice

They do not know how to identify the person that will not only make love to their bodies, but also to their heart

They are confused about what LOVE really is

They mistake good sex for love

They rush into marriage for all of the wrong reasons

They don’t feel worthy of someone better

Learning to love and honor yourself first is key to any successful marriage. As a dating and relationship coach for over sixteen years, I’ve seen many women sacrifice their own needs and desires in order to win a man’s affection, or to gain their family and friends’ approval. They are so confused as to what a healthy relationship is that they begin to settle, to second guess themselves and to allow other people’s judgments to convince them that they should stay when they should be running in the opposite direction.

Of course I want you to see the rest of her sage advice, but you’ll have to order the book.



26 thoughts on “Afterword for The Unhappy Wife by Anita Charlot

    1. Most definitely my dear. If the sex is bad, then someone might look elsewhere. And I agree about being selfish about it. Many people just want what they want, however they can get it. They don’t see it as a union or even a spiritual union that strengthens the relationship overall.

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      1. As a nurturer you end up nurturing everyone but yourself.. that is where lies that tricky concoction.. I am I nurturing myself or being selfish?

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      1. Well it ties the stories into themes and lessons and provides some psychological / personal development insights which the reader may or may not have picked up on in reading the stories…

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      2. I agree. I thought it would be a nice touch to have an expert speak about the wives, as opposed to me simply giving my opinion. Plus, you know I always want to help. I figure if reading the stories didn’t inspire, then perhaps hearing what a relationship coach had to say might…we’ll see!

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