Inspiring Image(s) #73: Smile…please?

Okay, this will be the last time I mention that trip to Memphis, TN. One thing I learned is many people really don’t like how they look in pictures. I mean some Memphians were angered that I would even ask…until they posed and I showed them how beautiful they looked when they spread their mouths a little bit. Here are a few examples:

ashanti_friendThis one is called, “You wanna take a picture of me???”


This one is called, “Just let me take the picture, so I can show you…”


This is called, “Is this how you wanted your picture to look?” (He really surprised me).


This is called, “Best friends since kindergarten.”


This is called, “Beale Street after 5AM.”






44 thoughts on “Inspiring Image(s) #73: Smile…please?

  1. What a cool place to take pictures and the people are so unique but they don’t see it. But you drew them out. Maybe we all hide ourselves a bit because of some deep perception of how we look.

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  2. Already said this on Twitter but here I go again….This post just brings huge smiles bordering on the verge of laughter when I look at these beautiful images you have captured. Was your initial idea to capture them this way!

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    1. Well, my initial idea was just to get them to pose for a picture for me, especially because everyone was so against it at first lol Turns out, they liked the pics and they’ve inspired more smiles!


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