35 thoughts on “Inspiring Image #42: Independence (Kyoto)

  1. I’ve always been a fan of colorful things. Including good-looking umbrellas. Real nice photo.

    My wife and I were at an outdoor concert a few days ago. There was no prediction of rain, but naturally it did rain. We got good and wet. We hadn’t brought an umbrella!

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    1. Thanks Neil! It’s one of my favorites for many reasons. Sometimes it’s fun to frolic in the rain 😉 I don’t know about you, but I always end up getting wet anyway, even with the umbrella.

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  2. Great picture. It has a softening impact on the eyes with the colors. To be honest, all I notice is the fact that the girl/woman with the yellow umbrella also has ANOTHER umbrella. What’s her deal? She is wearing a backpack – which probably holds ANOTHER umbrella lol. I am totally doing that look-at-a-person-and-try-to-imagine-their-story thing we talked about right now lol.

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    1. lol – somebody else mentioned that, and even though I’d looked at this picture a million times, I had never noticed it. She probably has an overprotective mother/grandmother who says, “You can never have enough umbrellas! You must always be prepared for a bigger storm.” lol

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      1. I just copy and pasted my review onto Amazon and gave it 5 stars with the paperback version. I guess it has to go through a moderator or something – because it isn’t up yet. But it should be soon!

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  3. Love the little rubber boots… I have an adult-sized pair (yellow with bumblebees on them) to go puddle stomping in the spring. Again, you have managed to capture the very essence of that moment in time. 🙂

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  4. Why does the one girl (for some reason I think they are all girls) have two umbrellas? One above her head and one still closed in her hand? She is so prepared for the rain! I love this!

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