Indie Shine – Dr. KE Garland

Thanks again to Lisa W Tetting over at rebirthoflisa for supporting Indie authors and their work 😉 This interview might give you a little more insight into who I am and how I function.

Lisa W. Tetting


In this edition of Indie Shine, a place for rebirthoflisa to “Shine” the spotlight on indie artists, we welcome award winning author Dr. Katherin Garland.

garlandk2 ©Dr. Katherin Garland used with permission


Dr. Katherin Garland is an award winning writer, whose work has been featured in the South Florida Times, Talking Soup, and For Harriet.

Q & A

What do you do and Why do you do it? 
I write creative nonfiction in order to inspire social change.
Tell us about your most recent work. 
TUWcover2My most recent book is titled, The Unhappy Wife. It is a collection of short stories based on real women’s marriages. Though the stories are inspired by real events, I’ve fictionalized parts of the women’s stories in order to protect their anonymity.
Who inspires you? 
I’m very self-motivated. I’m not inspired by a person, but more so an idea, a concept…

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11 thoughts on “Indie Shine – Dr. KE Garland

  1. Another great interview! Congratulations. Mission accomplished as far as being an inspirational person 😉 Looking forward to your next book, since I have three fathers in my life, only one a true connection at the moment. So, very curious about other father-daughter relationships. Wishing you a lovely Sunday and new week. Big hug, XxX

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    1. Thanks Patty! I liked this interview too. It’s different from the others but still seems to show more of my purpose with the book (and life). Very interesting that you have three fathers in your life. I look forward to hearing your impression of these particular stories. Thanks so much for the Sunday hug 🙂

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    1. Thanks Rosaliene! So fascinating that many of us have the same core “issues.” I honestly believe forgiveness is the one way to heal everything. It’s like a lifted weight. I hope your mother can move through what it is she’s holding on to.


  2. Oh Kathy I love this! You are so getting yourself out there. YOU shine.
    This statement from you is profound: “I write creative nonfiction in order to inspire social change.”

    You. Are. Awesome.
    Blessings, and have a great weekend – and Happy Forgiving Fridays!

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    1. Thanks Debbie! I’m glad you’ve recognized this constant effort; it is challenging for indie authors. Yes. Once I sat and thought about my major goal with writing, then it kind of made writing that much easier. I only reveal things that I think will help someone else. You and I seem to have similar goals 🙂 Happy “forgiving Friday” to you! I hope you had a wonderful weekend.

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      1. I really relate to this sharing, Kathy. And good for you for really sticking with what’s heartfelt for you! I’m a big believe in “grit” and “grace” in sharing our voice.

        There’s a really lovely quote from a psychologist, Carl Rogers, who says that he shifted from trying to “heal” someone to creating a relationship that they can use for their own transformation.

        Take good care of yourself, Kathy. Hope you have a happy Monday! (Forgiving Fridays is every day 🙂 ) Love and blessings, Debbie

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