Heart Faults, when we break.

Another cool thing about releasing The Unhappy Wife is the love I’ve gotten from LPCs and others in the mental health profession. This is a great example of that support. If you don’t already, check out Michelle’s blog. It’s full of personal stories that advocate for self-love ❤

Intimately Worded with Michelle

In any relationship, manipulation is the highest form of betrayal. We will have to stop eating everything that is fed to us…even if its silver spoon fed. We grow watching, observing and living to our parents and family wishes. We trust them. Believe them without reservation. When we live our lives only by observation, and with their expectations without knowing their wounds, their whys our foundation will crack.

Respectability and accountability are requirements for the things we want in life, what we require from each other. Jesus’ mandate was to love one another as we love ourselves. His commandment sounds simple enough yet I believe it is one of the most difficult challenges in our faith walk. Loving self is a lifetime journey and it becomes more difficult to do when we break. The longevity of carrying pain, damaging pain that steals your joy and stills your heart is not loyalty…

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9 thoughts on “Heart Faults, when we break.

  1. That’s exactly right! Sometimes we cannot love each other as we love ourselves, because gosh darnit, WE DO NOT LOVE OURSELVES!!! Apologies, lol I’m not yelling, but a light bulb just went off. Yep. I totally agree about the parent part too.

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  2. Her blog post is incredible and really speaks to me, ideas that I’ve only just begun to realize. Loving each other as we love ourselves is definitely a challenge if we do not know how to love ourselves, isn’t it? And if we’ve learned from others who are already damaged, namely our own parents, we can’t even begin to know what it should look like. I think that this is the problem at the heart of most women in their relationships. Something worth looking at more closely. Thank you for reposting.

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