42 thoughts on “Inspiring Image #43: Green Tea Ice Cream

  1. I want this in my life this weekend and I shall put it out in the Universe so that the law of attraction will work for my greedy benefit. Amen. lol

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  2. What??? Ice-cream and that too healthy.. ahah what else would I need? Never heard or seen a green tea ice-cream but definitely going to check it out soon at my nearby ice-cream parlors. I hope it tasted as good as it looks!

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    1. Very true Neil! And I didn’t feel unhealthy eating it. I figured the green tea part balanced out all the other stuff. Only place I’ve seen it is in Japan, so you’ll have to book a flight and let me know how it is šŸ™‚

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  3. One of the few things I can buy impulsively…When the ice-cream car drives by, imagine me sprinting to grab my purse and then sprinting outside, almost! running over the children to get to that car first, hihi

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  4. Yum! Kathy, this is DEFINITELY inspirational. I love ice cream. My fav place is in Brooklyn actually – they have salted caramel that is truly out of this world. Hope you are having a wonderful week. Love, love love Debbie

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