Monday Notes: Other People’s Quotes

img_3057Sometimes I write a note to myself after I read another blogger’s words. This time I was visiting Eddie’s blog and he mentioned how we should “Make America read again.” Voila! I was inspired and created this meme based on his words. It was post-election, Literacy Week, and appropriate.


34 thoughts on “Monday Notes: Other People’s Quotes

  1. Well! I for one am reading a ton since Inauguration Day. I’ve been reading about civics – to better understand how the government works. I’ve been reading the news – to stay informed. I’ve been reading budgets – to know if I have a job. I’ve been reading fiction- to escape. Reading, check!

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    1. Sheesh! Yes. I’ve found that I have to read and watch a few videos to understand what’s going on and why. There’s a podcast that I started listening to called “Can He Do That?” It’s hosted by the Washington Post, I think. You might enjoy it. Also, I hope you don’t lose your job :-/

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