Book & Author Feature: The Unhappy Wife by K E Garland

Thanks for an amazing interview experience Leslie Reese! Leslie is a book blogger and also a skilled writer. I was fortunate enough to have been interviewed by her. If you don’t follow her blog, then please go check it out!

I subscribe to KE Garlands’s blog, kwoted, where she always “keeps it real” by writing honest and thought-provoking posts about societal experiences, personal relationships and insecurities; how and why we celebrate holidays, being reflective, and finding inspiration in daily life. In 2015 she published Kwoted, a book of original quotes which “encompass advice and mantras that the author lives by and offers to those around her.”


Early in the fall of 2016 I learned that K E Garland had written and was self-publishing a book titled The Unhappy Wife, and my first thought was “I’m going to read her book and review it.” But while reading this 112-page volume, I decided I wanted to do an author feature, instead. I asked Kathy – aka K E Garland – if she would mind me asking her some questions, and she was down, so what follows is our exchange. Enjoy!

Leslie Reese (LR): Okay, Kathy, let’s get this party started!
K E Garland: LOL okay…I’m ready!
LR: When and how did you first conceive of The Unhappy Wife as a project and a book?
K E Garland: I was actually on the phone with a friend. As usual, he was complaining about his wife. This seemed to be commonplace for many of my married men friends. Because I’d also begun doing the work of self-reflection about who I’d been in my own marriage, I was able to offer a bit of advice. But when that was over, he continued to complain. Right in the middle of his diatribe, I said, “I’m going to write a book called, ‘The Unhappy Wife,’ and I’m going to ask your wife to be in it.” He laughed and laughed. I didn’t. Three years later the book was conceptualized.

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20 thoughts on “Book & Author Feature: The Unhappy Wife by K E Garland

  1. Yay, K E that is wonderful! I didn’t know your name is Kathy, what a beautiful name. Is it ok to call you Kathy? 🙂 Congrats & so many blessings to all who are touched by this interview and your blog and book too. ~Debbie

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      1. He he he sorry Kathy! This is what I get for trying to reply to posts when I’m a little ungrounded. Just got back from a weekend of Soul-Centered Professional Coaching training. It was so inspiring. 🙂 Have a blessed week – today is the Int’l Day of Happiness!

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  2. I’m telling you Dr. Garland, this book is the truth and it should be discussed on a high platform. The view, the talk, the real, etc all those shows need to be talking about this book. Side bar I could picture you arguing with Wendy Williams about the book and giving her the business hahahahahaha.

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      1. Yeah, I am in the admin part of my blog now looking for “like” buttons for comments and possibly a “reblog” button. I suspect that my having a self-hosted blog doesn’t make these features automatic. I may have to contact the author of my theme or WP.

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      2. First, fantastic interview; great questions Leslie. And the photographs; marvelous.
        About the self-hosted WP; I have one too. Install Jetpack – plugin (if you haven’t already) and there is a way to even include a WP follow button via a widget, you can create here:
        Good luck!

        @ Katherin: “I find that if you’re judging these women, then there’s probably something tapping you on your own shoulder, you know?” This is for me the most profound remark out of this interview. So, so true.
        Congratulations on a fantastic interview! XxX

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