26 thoughts on “Inspiring Image #60: Coexist

  1. Wow, why do I always get caught slipping on these images?! I think now I have a mental block when it comes to these. I literally stared at the picture for 60 seconds, scrolled through the comments, scrolled back up … and THEN saw the birds on top of the cars!! Maybe it is time for another eye exam?!?!?! lol

    Great capture! You are awesome at getting these pics!

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      1. Lol! I thought the message of co-existence referred to the cars in the photo. In particular, since the car in the middle has a smashed bumper – I thought you were juxtaposing a nice, intact car with one that was all smashed (this is partly because I have a silver car like the one in the middle, and a few weeks ago I got rear ended so my bumper is messed up).

        But then I thought … if your message is about CARS co-existing, that would be exceedingly wack. And I am not accustomed to wack pieces from you .. that is why I stared at it for a minute, in an attempt to discern ANOTHER message. After sifting through the comments, then and only then did I see the birds lmao.

        This just goes to show that “the author is dead” (as Roland Barthes put it). Whenever we read or interpret something, the intention of the author is easily lost because we impose our OWN lives upon it.. smh lol.

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      2. Whew! I think your job today is to make me laugh as hard as possible lmao so yes, a famous theorists (Louise Rosenblatt) once said that interpretation is always with the reader, not the author. You can almost, never interpret something without seeing it through your own lens, as you are.

        And you know good and well that I ain’t taking no pics of busted cars and posting them to this blog lol

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  2. The silver car looks like the same on one of these birds parked next to ages ago 😊

    Totallt off topic- I’m a reverse parking kind of person- that charcoal car is going to make a nice quick exit…

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      1. I always do the future me a favour- e.g. when i half consider leaving dishes for the morning, I ask myself how the future me will feel. Damn future me never time travels to my assistance though! 😞

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