Inspiring Image(s) #59 Kesha Exhibit

Kesha is an exhibit currently showing at the (downtown) Jacksonville Public Library.

Check these out:

As you can see, the exhibit displays intersections of gender and race, hence the title, Kesha.


However, some works are clear portrayals of the impact of systematic African American oppression.


Shout out to Shawana Brooks for an amazing concept.

This is a very small sample of what the exhibit offers.

If you’re nearby, then plan a visit.  It runs until late April.


29 thoughts on “Inspiring Image(s) #59 Kesha Exhibit

  1. This is an amazing idea for an exhibit. The artwork is beautiful. I think my favorite is the second – that Kesha looks so powerful. But I love TheThree Keishas, too. It’s sad you can’t see the faces of those in the last photo, but one. Thanks for sharing, Kathrin!

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