Behind the Kwote: Your Own Biggest Fan

This was one of the first kwotes I created. Many friends and family call, text or inbox me for advice and encouragement. Listening to someone with my whole heart and then offering what I think will inspire them is inherent for me. In fact, a former student asked if I was a high school cheerleader because of how much I stand behind and uplift others.

biggest_fan_2Well, there came a time during my 360-mile commute that I felt I had no one to reassure me. Even a cheerleader needs encouraging, I posted to FB. I couldn’t think of one person who I could turn to that would offer words of motivation. If I called my grandmother, then she’d remind me of how dumb I was to have taken the job in the first place. If I talked with my husband, then he would remind me that this was a choice I made, regardless of his early warnings. If I spoke to anyone else, then they would try to solve the problem for me and that wasn’t what I wanted or needed at the time. I wanted someone to tell me, “Hey! You can do it! You’ve done more challenging things in your life. This is no different.” I found that the only person that was going to tell me that was, ME. Consequently, this kwote was born.  Cause, guess what? Every now and then, we all have to dig deep and find that inner strength. Trust me; it’s there.

43 thoughts on “Behind the Kwote: Your Own Biggest Fan

  1. Hey! You did it! Sure, you’ve did more challenging things in your life, but you did this one too – and it was no different. 😉 Seriously, though – you’re fab, Kathy.
    Kindness – Robert.

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  2. This can be a real challenge for those raised in families that fear change. If it seems “safer” to keep one’s head down and avoid attention, advancement and exploration do not hold the appeal they might. When the family chorus is a warning against any attempt to seek new horizons, opportunities will be missed.

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    1. So true Anna! I’ll add that sometimes, families in particular, tend to hold on to traditions for this very reason. I’ve witnessed the anger and hatred that happens in some families when someone says, “Well, nope. I’m going to do something different this year.” I’d like to lump it all under the insecurity umbrella.


    1. I thought I’d answered this, but I don’t see the answer. A lot of times I answer in my head and never actually on the blog Anywho, I agree! For me it happened a little later, like 35-ish. It just kinda emerged, like a “what are you doing?” moment.

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  3. YAASSS girl! There are no cheerleaders for the cheerleaders!
    I think about that sometimes because I am always the cheerleader IRL. Sometimes I need that encouragement myself 🙂
    Thanks for this post Doc.

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  4. I love this! Sometimes I feel like I’ve chosen the wrong path or that my dreams won’t ever come true and I just have to remember that I’ll always have one fan – me. I know you don’t need me to tell you this but, you can do it! I don’t know what ‘it’ is but I know you can do it.

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  5. I love this, KE. Your comments were spot-on about how people criticize or try to solve things. Being your own cheerleader works. Positive affirmations, baby, repeat ’em until you believe ’em. 🙂

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  6. Wow! I could have paid attention to this kind of advice yesterday, for sure.
    I once had someone tell me that the difference between being a child an adult, is that a child needs someone to encourage them, and adult should be able to do it themselves. Tough, hard advice, but it has some truth to it!

    Great post!

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  7. I absolutely agree, we have to be our biggest cheerleaders. But sometimes, we need those corner coaches too…so for the future, should you need one, you can keep in your pocket my voice saying “You can do IT!!”

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