26 thoughts on “Inspiring Image #55: Wall of Hope

  1. Awesome image! This reminds me of the opening song from Stevie’s “Songs in the Key of Life” : Love is in Need of Love Today. Excellent contrasts in color – and I like how the building looks abandoned but has strong messages on it. Something to remember in our darkest hours!

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    1. Thanks Darryl! Great connection to Stevie’s song! The building is totally abandoned, and those posters are there; there’s a message there. I have two more that I’ll post soon. There were too many to put in one post. I decided to filter the post to enhance the posters and an effect was that blue, which further enhanced the overall message, I thought.

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    1. maybe…Maybe i should revive the wall to reflect the current cluster—- we’ve gotten ourselves into. I have two more of these because it was a loooong wall. Let me know after you see the 3rd one.

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