Behind the Kwote: Today’s Choices

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A friend of mine, who is more like a little sister, found herself pregnant with someone who she probably wouldn’t have consciously chosen to father her child. Her mom didn’t understand how it happened. She questioned how her daughter could have gotten pregnant, especially considering all of the twenty-something years of sage advice she’d provided. Her friends were disappointed; many of them had planned out their lives, as some of us do when we’re younger. They’d determined this wasn’t the path hers should take. I listened to each judgment and tried my best not to add my own. While everyone attempted to figure out how this happened, the answer seemed so simple to me: today’s choices determine tomorrow’s experiences.

It wasn’t just true for my friend’s unplanned pregnancy; it was part of my story as well. I was trying to figure out how I ended up with a road trip sized commute to work. The answer was the same. Reaping what you sow isn’t a new concept. But it seems every now and then we wake up wondering how did I get here, in this space, with this experience? The reality is whatever you’re focused on today will build future benefits or future challenges. So, it’s best to get in tune with who you are and what you really want so that you’ll be able to make conscious decisions with which you can live.


45 thoughts on “Behind the Kwote: Today’s Choices

  1. Dr.Garland! I love this post. This month I’ve been really honing in on my goals and actually taking small steps to accomplish them. Instead of sitting around, daydreaming – I’m actually “doing.” Last year I was deep in thought about my goals but didn’t take any real strides to accomplish them. And when the year ended, I had very little to show for it. Not this year…I’m taking on my goals with full force!

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    1. Glad to hear Josie! You know you don’t have to call me Dr. Garland, right? But it’s up to you lol

      It’s great that you see beyond the two stories I’ve shared here. What you’ve said is part of the point. If you want different scenery, then you’ll have to make some different choices. That’s how change happens. Best of luck with STAYING focused.

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  2. I love the very last line of this post, Kathy. It’s exactly what I’m looking to do this coming year. I’ve already made some choices over the past couple of weeks that could potentially alter my future. It’s super scary, but at the same time it feels right. I’m finally starting to take control of my life. I hope your friend has a healthy baby and that things turn out okay.

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  3. I really believe in ‘everything happens for a reason’…At the moment you think ‘how the heck did I got myself where I am right now’, I think it’s wise to look back at every step you took and most likely there were a lot of lessons you had to learn…Those lessons will help you decide which path to follow next…
    Didn’t read all comments, but while I am typing I see Joan’s comment above mine…yep, that’s my take on this too 🙂

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  4. We get swept up in the flow of things, daydreaming instead of watching the road, and all of a sudden… BAM. Of course, sometimes going back is impossible. You just have to survey where you are RIGHT NOW and figure out what path serves you best at this point. Thanks for another thoughtful post, KE. 🙂

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  5. Sometimes, it takes situations like this for people to “wake up” and realize that their actions do have irreversible outcomes, whether good or bad. Now it is up to her to decide whether she will learn, grow, and prosper from this event, or whether she will allow it to become a setback from which she will use as an excuse when things don’t go right for her later in life.

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      1. That is good. I know some that have done just the opposite, which resulted in a series of poor choices and excuses. “Mistakes” happen, small or large, but we don’t have to allow these “mistakes” to define us. We can turn them into something positive, especially something as precious as new life.

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  6. This post is very timely for me, today, so thank you! I just want to add that “getting in tune with who you are and what you really want” is dynamic – as we evolve and change….I’m thinking here about not spending too much time kicking ourselves when we find ourselves living in those “future challenges” you pointed out; I’ve spent a lot of miserable time doing that!

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  7. So true — sometimes in a situation like this we fall into acceptance, and that’s important, too, because there’s no turning back when you’re pregnant, no matter what choice you make, but to move forward most effectively we should always be aware of what got us where we are today.

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  8. Thank you !! I needed that reminder today, to consciously co-create my life.
    I do think that sometimes we have an opportunity to make course corrective choices … and to pray for grace 🙂 Anyway, have a blessed weekend.

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