Inspiring Image #54: Let’s Get to Work!

I know. I know. You can begin renewing yourself at any point. But for those of you who begin with a new year, now’s the time! It’s a new year, so it’s time for renewal, revisioning and re-purposing ourselves! Cheers to you as you either get to work, or continue the work!


57 thoughts on “Inspiring Image #54: Let’s Get to Work!

      1. I knowwww I just jotted it on the back of a receipt as a note to self!!! Lol, now I am glad I said you’re an angel as opposed to what my original draft was : “youre a goodie two shoes [inserted shoe emjoi]” and then I thought THAT was lame so I moved to “you’re a saint” … but it sounded wayyyy too religious, so that’s why you’re an angel now hahahahahahahahaha hilariously awkward

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    1. Did you really? You’re not the only one. I guess people want to believe that somewhere, someone would vandalize a construction sign and make it spiritual…cause that would be just too cool, I think lol

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      1. I suppose. The only thing is a lot of people are not very self-reflective to begin whenever, like you or me, some people actually need a “new” year to stop and think about where in the world they’d like to be in a year lol, so I’d hate to discourage those people, you know?

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  1. No kidding, K E! Did you actually see this sign? Completely love it. πŸ’œ

    Happy New Year, and much love and Light to your intentions for the upcoming year. I see you so loved. Blessings, Debbie


  2. So we gonna sit here and make like Dr. Garland didn’t vandalize that sign though? Hahaha. On some real talk that is true about our souls and I’m happy you shared this with us today.

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  3. Does this mean that no one has access to you or people will be frustrated and have to divert to other methods to get through to you Kathy?? You know like when there are ‘road works ahead’ and traffic is slow and you can’t get to where you want? Or am I stretching the analogy too far?? LOL
    Great metaphor btw!

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