42 thoughts on “Inspiring Image #34: Focused 

  1. Hey, at last, a non-pterodactyl bird that resembles birds I see in Colorado! Do you guys get little woodpeckers too? The one I see here looks just like this guy, but is sparrow sized.

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    1. lol yes, we have regular sized birds too lol I have a picture of a smaller one. I think it’s a spotted woodpecker. It looks like a little baby bird though and he pecks away. I’ve never seen one with these colors, but smaller…

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      1. The one we get has these same colors, but is sparrow sized as an adult. I’ve never been able to get a picture of him, unlike amazing you, or I’d show you a picture.

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      1. Yes! Yes! and Yes! again K E! Thank you for suggesting I take a peek . . . The universe is indeed master of sending the right beings at the right time to humble and kept you. Lolz, of course one of the smallest creature would have so many high vibrations!

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    1. That’s what they’re known for Mek! I was like a foot away and he just kept pecking. I’m so excited about what I’ve found out about the woodpecker. I’ll include it in the email once I sit down to write you.

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      1. I’ve never seen on or not that I know of. Beautiful bird! Looking forward to reading what you’ve learnt! Is the idea to stare the tree into submission before going in for the kill? 😂

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