Book Review – The Unhappy Wife By Dr. K E Garland

Sometimes the best Book Reviews are by people who don’t do book reviews for a living 😉 Thanks to my girl over at fabulouswithglitches for wearing a T-shirt, posting to Twitter, ordering The Unhappy Wife, reading it, and writing this heartfelt review! Much appreciation luv!

Fabulous With Glitches


My first book review EVER! To be quite honest I don’t read many books at all. I’m more into reading blogs more so than picking up a book. But this book has me some type of way!  It’s hard for one book to keep my attention span occupied. That’s why you should be extremely shocked that I’m writing this review!

This book was written by a dear friend of mine, Dr. K E Garland. Before I ever read this book she intrigued me with her blog. She always posts about real moments, truth. There’s an honesty about her that captivates me with her writing. As I’ve said before, she touches your soul in this book and even in her blog.

Don’t let the name of the book scare you. When my book first arrived my husband got it out of the mail box and opened it up and his response…

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28 thoughts on “Book Review – The Unhappy Wife By Dr. K E Garland

  1. Great review…still waiting for my copy to be delivered and I tell you, patience isn’t my thing, but all good things in life are worth waiting for 😉
    And I already told my husband not to worry, if the postman does finally delivers the book. Now I wish I hadn’t, so I could watch the expression on his face…hihi

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      1. Kathy, I would love to at some stage…at the moment I am so behind on Netgalley reviews and others for bloggers. I am half-considering whether to start a separate book review blog as I’m careful not to turn my current writing blog into one. Decisions to be made! I will definitely remember though. Warmest wishes. xx

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