Book Review – The Unhappy Wife By Dr. K E Garland

Sometimes the best Book Reviews are by people who don’t do book reviews for a living πŸ˜‰ Thanks to my girl over at fabulouswithglitches for wearing a T-shirt, posting to Twitter, ordering The Unhappy Wife, reading it, and writing this heartfelt review! Much appreciation luv!

28 thoughts on “Book Review – The Unhappy Wife By Dr. K E Garland

  1. Great review…still waiting for my copy to be delivered and I tell you, patience isn’t my thing, but all good things in life are worth waiting for πŸ˜‰
    And I already told my husband not to worry, if the postman does finally delivers the book. Now I wish I hadn’t, so I could watch the expression on his face…hihi

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      1. Kathy, I would love to at some stage…at the moment I am so behind on Netgalley reviews and others for bloggers. I am half-considering whether to start a separate book review blog as I’m careful not to turn my current writing blog into one. Decisions to be made! I will definitely remember though. Warmest wishes. xx

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