34 thoughts on “Inspiring Image #35:Watching

  1. Ok it could be a cooper’s hawk, a rough legged hawk or a sharp shinned hawk. Thanks to Dr. Garland for not getting the tail feathers so we can’t tell. Sigh
    # petty
    # ungrateful ass negro

    Hahahahaha great pic though and thanks for sharing.

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    1. Wayment wayment wayment, now you’re a photo critic??? Listen here…just kidding, my former self would’ve told you something lol

      So, that’s interesting because we have a restaurant named Cooper’s Hawk and I didn’t realize there was a bird named that. Now I have to pay attention to bird feathers…sheesh! All jokes aside, I think it is a Cooper’s Hawk because the tail doesn’t seem long enough to be the other one. I’m impressed that you even know these things. And yes, you are #PettyPendegrass on this one lol

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      1. Hey well you can tell your former self that she can’t out petty the petty Kang. Hahahahaah. Yea It’s hard to tell from that angle but nice photo.

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    1. Aaaah! Didn’t even think of that connection. If I only I could be this focused when I pose 😉 on a separate note, Hawks are also known for being intuitive so when you see one it’s a not so gentle reminder to use your instinct.

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      1. Looks like they’re paying attention to you too! It’s really cool. We have an eagle nest in one of ‘our’ trees. It is massive! Eagles circle above us sometimes- such an elegant bird!

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      2. A hawk yes! My amateur twitching skills can’t differentiate between eagle, hawk and falcon. But it is definately wedgetail eagles at our place. Ok- just making a coffee in anticipation of an email to read once it’s done 😛

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