Small Business Saturday

It just dawned on me that I’m kind of a small business. I mean I do have a product that I’m trying to sell, aaand the holidays are coming up. What could be better than the gift of self-reflection through story. We all have that one person we want to send a hint to, so I’m sure you know someone who should read The Unhappy Wife. Even if they don’t like paperbacks, you can gift through Amazon. Did you know that? Anywho, if you haven’t already, order it here!


18 thoughts on “Small Business Saturday

    1. So it was you!!! I kept wondering who in the world purchased in Germany??? Thanks so much Patty! I hope you “enjoy” it and I look forward to hearing what you think. I’ll be discussing it in depth beginning January. Thanks again! I appreciate it very much 🙂

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  1. Yeah…you’re absolutely a small business and out with friends last night they said something similar to me which just had me thrilled. It just takes time to realise it and act accordingly! 😀 Wishing you a lovey First of Advent, Kathy! 😀

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      1. Um no. Lady G is taking her sweet ass time. We trying to talk about the book but we can’t freely because sweet ole Mrs G over there just not reading. Holding up the pipeline of conversation. You know what? Imma write a book about lady g and I bet you she won’t even read it hahahahahahahahaha. You Betta get on it Lady G, or else.

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