31 thoughts on “Inspiring Image #18: White Ibis

      1. Noooooooooo arrrreeggggghhhhh
        As an avid bird watcher, they are my least favorite bird.
        *ok truth time*
        One morning I was running around this lake. This lake is over populated with Canadian Geese. I ummmm. I err. I *clears throat* TRIPPED over one of them and my knee fell in their shit. It was my fault because I knew that that lake was overly populated by Canadian Geese. Can’t I be petty Dr. Garland? Siiiiigggggggghhhhh

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      1. You should see the white folks when I am bird watching. Nothing says scary than a 6ft 4 in 250lb black man with binoculars on a hiking trail at 6am. Hehehehe

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  1. Just watched another big racial issue at the news this morning and then I visit your blog and see this beautiful picture. With that news item in mind…I wish we could live more in piece like those variety of birds….

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