Support #5 and Book I’m reading #3

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. WordPress bloggers are some of the MOST supportive people I’ve never met. This post is no exception! Although he’s not a book blogger, Tareau not only ordered The Unhappy Wife, but also read and commented. Check out his favorite story and stay tuned for my upcoming series of conversations centered on each wife’s story. Thanks again Tareau!

Thanx Dave!

*SPOILER ALERT, LADY G, DO NOT READ, I repeat Lady G, DO Not Read. Don’t do it Gwinn*


Ok, the last book I read was called “The Unhappy Wife” by Dr. K.E. Garland. It was a very informative look into the mindsets of Women from the Midwest and the South, who have been abused, cheated on, and used. All of these women either had to overcome something or someone to leave their husbands or forgive their husbands. I would like to highlight a few things from this amazing book.

Miss Sharlene’s story started in 1977. She Married 5 times in her lifetime and she explains in depth what happened with each marriage. The most powerful quote I’ve heard in a long time was this.

“There’s no perfect person. We as women are not perfect. We have imperfections. But the thing is, we’recommend looking for perfections in a man. And that’s…

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13 thoughts on “Support #5 and Book I’m reading #3

  1. So far I’ve only cried once reading it. I have two more stories to read. I’ll post a review too after I’m done. I’ve never written a review on a book before….who knows how that will go 🙂 LOL

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  2. I have it in my cart on Amazon, just waiting for the funds. I’m so excited to read these reviews! Okay, I don’t read them all the way — I’m afraid of any spoilers — but enough that I can see you’re getting thoughtful, considered feedback from people who know what they’re talking about!!!

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