Book Review: The Unhappy Wife

Special thanks to Book Blogger, Tania over at Life According to Tania for review #2: ⭐️️⭐️️⭐️️⭐️️⭐️️ If you’ve written a book, go check out her blog and guidelines. She squeezed my genre in, so I especially appreciate this review.

Life According to Tania

I know no one expected me to be back again, so soon. But I am and I have another book lined up to review (along with plenty more!). I was lucky enough to received an ARC of The Unhappy Wife by K. E. Garland. So, I’m just going to jump right into it.

Author: K. E. Garland (Get it here)

Genre: Women’s Fiction


Twelve women share one thing in common – the quest for being happily married to the men they chose; however, each one finds herself in an unexpected marital predicament. Inspired by real events and told from each woman’s perspective, these short stories are firsthand accounts detailing the realities of marriage well after each woman said, “I do.”.

So, again, this is a little different than the books I usually read as this is a collection of short stories. However, they were very good stories…

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12 thoughts on “Book Review: The Unhappy Wife

  1. *spoiler Alert* lady g do not read. I gotta put those disclaimers. I enjoyed that book. I loved Sharlene’s story. She was my favorite character because of the longevity and wisdom she shared. There were a lot of what ifs and hypotheticals (just like in life) .

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    1. I was at the movies earlier, but thank you Tareau! This is my second make point of view and I so appreciate it. It’s funny because women have tended to dislike Miss Sharlene’s story because they feel it’s almost hypocritical. I’ll be talking about it in a little more detail after the new year. But seriously…a million thanks for the support and oooh I’m telling Gwin lol

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