Inspiring Image #37: Chillin



33 thoughts on “Inspiring Image #37: Chillin

    1. Absolutely! I love it because I was able to capture how much they are literally just chillin, without a care in the world, well except that one guy lol he looks like he’s about to bounce any minute.


    1. Thanks! Absolutely real life (with help from a filter). If it does inspire you please share. I love when art inspires art. In fact, I have a post about that very topic coming soon.


      1. Hiya, ok, thanks again–just posted a flash fiction piece using your photo. PLEASE tell me if I failed to properly credit you.
        Also, sent the photo to Mr. Hurst, who helped organize the demonstration. He would like to buy a print of your photo.
        Best, Amy

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    1. Whew! This is why we get along Mek…you get me. Seriously, I was trying to make sure I captured that plaque in the background and also I’m playing around with how to take candid pics. ’tis a lot harder than I thought.

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      1. 😊 cool- you’re doing well- but you really need to do a humans of florida segment! I want to know these guys stories. I was half serious when I said you should pic a ‘kwote’ to share with your subjects and capture their response/thoughs/reactions…

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      2. Haha. No you’re right, I worded it ambiguously when I’d said something like ‘throw a quote at them and see whst they say’ haha. After writing it, i thought it too funny to delete or reword haha. I had meant to clarify eventually but forgot – till now! 😊 ok, off to sleep. Have a lovely day x

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