26 thoughts on “Matthew Aftermath (Jacksonville) 

  1. Kathy, I hope you were all safe – the photos really tell the story of the brute force of this hurricane and you were on its edges! Will it take long for the trees to be cleared? Was there any structural damage or flooding? Hope it is a long time before something like this crosses your way again.

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    1. Thanks Annika! We were safe. That’s what I wanted to show, the force of nature. I’ve never seen anything like that and it really is awesome to witness. We didn’t have any damage at all and they’re still in process of clearing trees from the community.

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  2. I trust you and all your loved ones are safe. Those pictures speak to a powerful force. Thankfully we live in a day and age when there is adequate warning to save lives, but we still can’t stop the storm. Frankly, the day man controls the weather is scarier to me than the way things are now…but I digress. Take care of yourself!!!

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