Other People’s Quotes: Marriage

This is my favorite one because it hits home. I had a GREAT wedding, paid for by my Grannie and attended by many who love Dwight and me. As much as I love my hubby, I did find myself waking up like Oh crap! Now I gotta work at a marriage! Anywho, let me know what you think.

And as of today, you can use this link to order the paperback. I figured I’d release it a little early so you can have your copy by October 20th!



47 thoughts on “Other People’s Quotes: Marriage

  1. I have tried to convey that same message to couples that come to my husband and I for marriage counseling. “It takes more than love to keep a marriage” is a quote that I always use. Good luck with your book. I will have to check it out.

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    1. Right. Love is a great start, but there are so many other factors at play and you never know which one you’re going to have to face until you’re in it, ya know? Please do check it out. It’s available here for either eBook or paperback purchase: http://www.kegarland.com Maybe the couples you counsel will find value in it as well. Also, I’ll begin discussing each wife (one per month) beginning next Friday. Thanks for stopping by, reading and commenting 😉

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  2. Great reminder of what it’s supposed to be about: not the day, but the journey of days. And the sad part about planning a wedding, from what I’ve seen and heard in my experience, some people almost breakup trying to plan and hold the wedding.
    Now if that isn’t foreshadowing, I don’t know what is!

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  3. I highly recommend elopement. My wedding involved hiking to the top of a mountain in Scotland with my husband to be. We argued about who should carry the lone backpack. I got angry at him when he sprinted off ahead when it was my turn to carry the backpack. We enjoyed a sad meal of ham sandwiches on white bread together, because we were starving from the exercise. We marveled at the ptarmigan and sheep we saw. We almost died summiting on the wrong side of the peak. We helped each other reach the top and then we signed out marriage certificate. Not surprisingly the hike was easier and enjoyable on the way down as husband and wife. Our wedding was a great preparation for marriage!

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    1. Sounds exciting Johanna! And it sounds like an experience every pre-married couple should have. Maybe instead of the counseling that others do, there should be pre-marital extreme sports, or something like that. That’s when you get to see how the other person really acts in specific situations.

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  4. It’s like the difference between a fairy tale and real life. After the camera stops flashing and everyone goes home and the white dress and tux come off, you’re just two people trying to figure out how to meld two independent lives into one. The rollercoaster ride is just beginning–hold on tight! 🙂

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    1. That’s EXACTLY what I’m saying Joan! I can’t figure out if the generation below me isn’t buying it, or has just bought into a different type of fairy tale, where they show highlights from the fab wedding and prep on social media but still have the same challenges. Time will tell.

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  5. This quote is so true! When we were getting married, people even mixed up the two, asking them how our marriage had been. I don’t know, we had a wonderful wedding but we’re just at the start of our marriage.

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