28 thoughts on “Hurricane Matthew

  1. Nice one Kathy. Unhappy relationships can tear through lives like a hurricane. That Matthew has a lot to answer for!

    Seriously though- glad you’re away from the dangerous parts- hope you and family stay safe x

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  2. Gul why you ain’t up under the bed? Up there talkin’ bout readin’ blogs and thangs!
    Chile pleeez!
    You and all of the people in the path of that monstrosity are in my prayers love!

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  3. A very scary time for you all and even more terrifying after seeing the damage wrought in Haiti. Hope it calms down a bit .That ‘skull’ like image of the hurricane is spine-tingling spooky. Kathy, keep safe and I’ll be looking out for your next post!

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  4. What do you mean you won’t be blogging ’til next week? You have a duty to your readers to blog come what may! No, seriously though, I pray that the storm is kind to everyone and above all that everyone comes through safely.

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