Other People’s Quotes: Intuition

If you’ve pre-ordered The Unhappy Wife eBook, then you have four more weeks before it’s on your device! If you’re waiting for the paperback release, then you have a few weeks before you can order a copy for you and your friends. Either way, I hope you enjoy this quote. It’s inspired from my second wife, Gina. Find out what happened when she ignored her instincts. And what about you? Ever ignored your gut feeling? What happened when you did?


10 thoughts on “Other People’s Quotes: Intuition

      1. No Kathy, “million dollars” is not literal but a figure of speech.😀 Though at the time, the said amount felt like a million, as the person I stood surety for left me to deal with the mess. Yes, a lesson learned.

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  1. Oh, yeah, I’ve ignored it, and it never turns out well. I love this quote because I truly believe if we just listen to and trust that first gut feeling, it NEVER steers us wrong. The problem is we do ignore it too often and let our mind take over the decision making. Thanks for this great reminder. Can’t wait to order my paperback copy!

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