Other People’s Quotes: A Successful Marriage

With The Unhappy Wife, I’ve managed to merge my love for quotes with my love for writing. I’ll be sharing one each week leading up to the paperback release. And of course, let me know if you agree, disagree, or think it’s hogwash.


19 thoughts on “Other People’s Quotes: A Successful Marriage

  1. I thinks it’s ok to smell different kind of foods, as long as you always eat at home…Meaning; if a man flirts with me, I am still flattered (who wouldn’t be at 44), but my heart is with my hubby.
    And indeed, the love changes, matures if you will, and it’s quit challenging to keep it ‘alive’. However, as long as the mutual respect is there, we can stay individuals within the relationship, and still look forward to also spend time together, then I think we will be able to add another 12,5 years to our marriage.
    How a quote can get your rambling…hahaha

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    1. Your rambles are welcomed here lol They make perfect sense and I had to laugh at your “smelling different kinds of foods.” It’s funny you should mention “mutual respect,” because I actually used this quote with my first unhappy wife, whose husband seem to have a problem with mutual respect.

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  2. This quote is similar to one from one of my favorite books, and I often share it with friends when their marriage is going through a tough patch. The whole passage is brilliant, but here’s a snippet:
    “Lemme tell ya something, sweetface. I have been married at least four times, to four different men.” She watched him chew that over for a moment before continuing, “They’ve all been named George Edwards but, believe me, the man who is waiting for me down the hall is a whole lot different animal from the boy I married, back before there was dirt. Oh, there are continuities. He has always been fun and he has never been able to budget his time properly and – well, the rest is none of your business.”
    “But people change,” he said quietly.
    – From The Sparrow, by Maria Doria Russell

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