3 Things the #UnhappyWifeBook is Not

tumblr_inline_njn0wsN7EO1satqni#1 A Tyler Perry Movie Are you familiar with the Why Did I Get Married series? Well, no shade, but this book is not that. One reason is because Why Did I Get Married asks a question, but never really answers it. The Unhappy Wife does. A few stories show why some women enter marriages with glaring red flags in the first place. Others describe why some women stay in seemingly love-less relationships. And because these narratives are inspired by real women’s marriages, the endings vary. They are complicated, messy, sad, and happy, just like real life.

their_eyes_were_watching_god#2 Urban Fiction I’m a huge fan of urban fiction. I’ve devoured every Terry McMillan and Sista Souljah book. However, I’m also a fan of classic African-American literature. Zora Neale Hurston and Alice Walker inspire me. I wrote with the latter authors at the forefront of my mind. Therefore, each story is intended to be creative and literary. However, there is one woman I interviewed who took me off this path. Reflections of her marriage included salacious activities filled with slang and cuss words. In order to stay true to her character, I wrote her story from that space. Other than that example, I can assure you that The Unhappy Wife is not urban fiction.

#3 A Male-Bashing Book Many men who hear the title immediately grumble and say, “You need to write an unhappy husband book.” I used to laugh. But after a few months of these conversations, I understand. Men believe this is just another way to point out their flaws. Not true. Of course men are a part of this book, but it really has nothing to do with the men. This book is about women and the decisions we make before, during and after our relationships. This book is about what happens when women ignore their intuition and listen to society. This book is about pushing the fairy tale aside for a minute and looking at the realities of temptations and other serious situations. Finally, this book is my way of offering comfort to those women who feel as if they are the only ones who are going through so-called failed marriages.

unhappy_wife_ipadWith that said, I look forward to everyone’s discussion about what The Unhappy Wife is. Remember, the eBook is available for pre-order right now. If you’ve told me you’re waiting for the paperback version, then I have a special announcement coming soon!

As always, thanks so much for spreading the word. I honestly believe it’s time for women to raise our consciousness and live healthier lives. I hope this book will begin and continue that movement.

15 thoughts on “3 Things the #UnhappyWifeBook is Not

  1. Girl, I have to have something tangible in my hand that I can go back and forth and dog ear and highlight and underline and so on….
    I think you feel me.
    Be sure to let us know when it comes to print. I will certainly buy it 🙂
    In the meantime, I’ll spread the word 🙂

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  2. Hi Katherin. Is your book only for wives unhappy in their specific marriage, or does it also hit on those things about marriage as a whole that a woman does not like? I think even in a good marriage are one of the wives in your story at one time or another.

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