3 Reasons the Blogging Community is better than Social Media

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I’ve been blogging for about a year and a half now. And one thing has become pretty obvious. The blogging community is not only different than social media, but it is also better.

Here’s why:

Bloggers are readers. Most writers are. I’m willing to bet almost anything that no matter how many WordPress bloggers you have, they read what you write. It’s because they find reading enjoyable. It’s also because they want people to read what they’ve written as well. Social media doesn’t always yield readers. There have been times when I’ve commented on a person’s post, only to realize s/he hadn’t fully read the link themselves.

Bloggers reciprocate activity. If you read, like and comment on their words, then they’ll probably read, like and comment on something that you’ve written too. There’s a shared experience that invites empathy. Writers know the painstaking task of finding just the right phrase to convey just the right message. It can take hours! Consequently, if you took the time to write it, then a blogger will take the time to read it. Seemingly, the quick culture of social media, coupled with an imbalance of newsfeed updates from all several hundred of your social media friends and followers makes it difficult to reciprocate reading/liking activity.

Bloggers post thoughtful comments. Similar to number two, your blogger-followers have probably written, deleted and re-written their comments to express like, love and support for your posts. Sure, some only use the “like” button, but more than not, your blogger-followers have sought thoughtful words to communicate their feelings about your content. Social media friends and followers do not always seem to honor the “thoughtful” part of commenting. Whether it’s the use of text/IM language or the more recent and popular posting of memes as communication, social media comments just don’t seem to be as considerate or attentive.

What did I miss? Do you enjoy social media better than the blogosphere?


160 thoughts on “3 Reasons the Blogging Community is better than Social Media

  1. I am brand new to the blogging community! I have long since deleted any social media accounts to my name. I would say you’re absolutely correct! I couldn’t agree with you more!
    I love how you pointed out about the reciprocating/shared experience, I definitely relate there, being new here and all! Thank you so much for sharing this!!

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  2. Very accurate post! People actually read, relate and discuss the content on blogs. And others on social media just retweet or like links to blog post, w/o reading and finding out the purpose of the post lol + social media can be toxic. The blogging community tends to be more intentional, which is more fulfilling- imo. Thanks for this!

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    1. Thanks for reading and commenting! Yes, intent is an important part of what seems to make blogging a little more authentic. I guess that and I haven’t met anyone on here who is concerned about appearances 😉

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  3. Just read this and reflected it was nice to see you jumping in to tackle the subject of which angle is better. Whether one is better than the other, it was interesting to see from some of the comments you got how people feel (and how often they cheer for WordPress!). Good luck with your WordPress narrative, and maybe you will persuade a few more of your readers that you were right all along (that WordPress really is better). I value both approaches.

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  4. I just love coming to blogs and seeing people I know in the comments section lol. Makes me feel like my whole family is connected and I didn’t know lol! This post and these comments make me happy. Whenever I’m away from the blogsphere, I feel like something is missing!

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    1. i understand what you mean. There are days when I’d rather be blogging than holding small talk with people in person. I find the blogging community to be a much more meaningful experience.


      1. True indeed! This is some what in response to a comment that you made on my post! We are being and sharing our authentic selves and for other people from different parts of the world to relate is (I can’t think of the word LOL).

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  5. I agree that blogging is much better than social media. I created a Facebook account 6 months ago (I know, I was late lol!) and would post long messages, only to receive a couple of “sympathy” likes from family members.

    That is why I created a blog page: to find serious readers. Another reason I created a blog was to find serious writers – thus getting away from all the non-sense on social media lol

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    1. Uh, I’ll pretend I didn’t see you say you just joined FB six months ago lol Seriously, though it took a minute for me to figure out how to engage on each social media site. You’re right. People on FB don’t want to READ much. They’re on there for entertainment purposes only. Glad you found WordPress, because we’re all definitely serious about our topics over here 😉

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  6. I have only been blogging since April but I wholeheartedly agree with everything you wrote in this post. The responses I’ve received from this amazing community have kept me motivated to write more. And, the connections I’ve made mean a lot to me.

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  7. I just love to be a part of the WP tribe 🙂
    Reading, learning and getting inspired, what more can a person want!
    However, I’m still struggling with not being able to pay a visit with all my followers (yet)…or the ones I do follow not being able to read all of their posts.


  8. lol – never thought about the posts hanging around longer…I’d have to agree. You can always find someone’s post! Totally agree about Twitter. Tweets are literally gone in seconds!


  9. Personally, I prefer blogging. For one thing, I find it easier to read and comment on posts because they tend to hang around longer. I also find Facebook intrusive and difficult to use. As for trying to comment on tweets, that’s much like being a small dog barking at cars as they whizz past. They’re here and then they’re gone. WordPress is the place for me, definitely.

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