3 Ways You Know You’re an Unhappy Wife


Did you notice that the example given is “an unhappy marriage”? Aside from this Googled definition, I’ve interviewed and written about twelve unhappy wives and here is what I’ve learned.

Are you voiceless? This is the first type of unhappy wife that I’ve grown to understand. Society quieted her. Sometimes it’s a mother who gave advice based on her own failed marriage. Sometimes there are passed-down, cultural practices the wife felt had to be followed. For example, Asian culture dictates that you marry and follow your husband’s lead. Sometimes the wife silences herself by holding her tongue about things she doesn’t think she can change, such as how much her in-laws are involved. Either way, I’ve learned that you might be unhappy if you feel that you cannot follow your intuition, speak freely or raise concerns about your marriage. Consequently, your mouth is closed, but the energy surrounding your unhappiness festers inside. This wife feels as if she cannot tell anyone about her woes, and even if she does, no one acknowledges or listens anyway.

Are you detached? There are many ways husbands and wives can be detached. The wife could be emotionally disconnected, like I was for a while, thus perpetuating a state of misery. A husband could be physically present but withholding intimacy, thus producing an unfulfilled home life. I’m not saying 100% of the marriage should be sexual, but how can two perfectly healthy people be happy if they’re not consummating their relationship with sex every now and then? Detachment can also come from wives who don’t know themselves. Stay with me as I explain. If the wife is separated from knowledge of herself, then how can she truly connect with her spouse? You might be an unhappy wife if you or your husband is disconnected in some way.

Are you committed? But kg, this doesn’t make sense? How can a wife be unhappy if she’s committed? It’s possible good people; it’s possible. Maybe the wife is committed to a marital situation that she never thought, in a million years would ever happen to her. The committed wife would never think to leave her husband. One reason is because she wants to see the marriage through. Another reason is because she loves her husband. You know? She takes the “in sickness and health” part of the vows very seriously. However, just because she’s committed doesn’t mean that she’s always happy. I mean, quite honestly, it takes some dedication, fortitude and downhill battles to remain married sometimes. You might be an unhappy wife if you’ve chosen to remain married through a specific tribulation.

unhappy_wife_ipadAre you a voiceless, detached or committed wife? Do you know an unhappy wife, if so, then you or she might be interested in reading my upcoming book, The Unhappy Wife. It includes short stories based on real-life events of the above-described types of women. Order the eBook or paperback via my site: kegarland.com

44 thoughts on “3 Ways You Know You’re an Unhappy Wife

    1. Please do! What people have been saying is that it’s much more than a book just about wives or women, but rather, it’s a book about relationship behavior with which anyone can relate. Kelley’s review actually kind of shows some of this.

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  1. “I’m not saying 100% of the marriage should be sexual, but how can two perfectly healthy people be happy if they’re not consummating their relationship with sex every now and then? ”

    Very true words.

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  2. A book that touches on a subject often forgotten in society and definitely not much talked about even in this modern world. Sounds very interesting and a brave decision to use examples from your own life. Wishing you much success with your book! 😀

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  3. This is really helpful and thoughtful. Thank you K E. I think in the past I’ve been “detached”, and I’m learning how to work with myself better so that I can show up more consciously in relationship. This blog helped me put words on it. Blessings, K E. You’re doing great work! ❤

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