Navigating Life 🙏🏾

This week’s Other People’s Quote comes from a blogger who is unapologetically Christian. Her name is Chanel Walker-Bailey and her blog is called Real Bold Truth. I typically shy away from in-your-face religious types; however, Chanel’s words come with a lot of testimony and authentic real-life experiences. Check out her blog and her videos! I’m sure you’ll walk away feeling a little more motivated.


9 thoughts on “Navigating Life 🙏🏾

  1. I have found this to be true whether one is religious or just spiritual, God and life are always on the right, swimming against the current brings so much unnecessary strife and suffering. I love this, thank you

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  2. I’m really honored to make it to your list!!! Thanks so much for the shout and encouraging words. Definitely a Christian but commissioned to Keep It Real!! No shame in my game by far! Lol! Thanks again🤗

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