Inspiring Image #44: Love ❤️



7 thoughts on “Inspiring Image #44: Love ❤️

  1. Nice! I can dig this! Intimacy is so often confined to the bedroom … it is privatized (like everything else under capitalism!). When couples engage in intimacy in wide open spaces, I find it rebellious! I see it as a way of taking the public back. There are no temporal/spatial coordinates on love!

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  2. I love the intimacy of this photo. There is so much power in seeing the two of them standing forehead to forehead. I see sadness, though I hope it’s not sadness. I hope it’s reconciliation or the sharing of hopeful news, or a confession of devotion. I guess the beauty of that it can be any of these things. Maybe all of these things.

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    1. Thanks K.C. I watched her for a long time. He had gone to place a bet (I was at the dog track). And this is what they did when he returned, even though they’d been together all night. So I think the first guess is probably the closest, though I don’t really know either…it did seem intimate.


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