Behind the Kwote: Least Miserable Situation


This kwote is in a section called “Konscious Life Perspectives.” As the subtitle suggests, it’s all about making conscious decisions appropriate for your life.

The thought came to me while talking to one of my favorite cousins. He was going through life-changing events. The way he saw it, he had two choices. On the one hand, he could pursue his dream career, but it required him to live several states away from his wife and young daughter. On the other hand, he could continue working two part-time, “dead-end” jobs, and that would preserve his marriage and relationship with his daughter.

During our conversation, I asked him what he really wanted to do. I encouraged him to pursue his true intentions because after all life is not about choosing the least miserable situation. Subsequently, he pursued and attained his dream job. But the move was more challenging than he’d anticipated. It didn’t work out as planned and he is currently back home living with his wife and child.

I’m never sure how my messages resonate, so I’ll add this for anyone reading. Oftentimes you may find yourself faced with what you see as a limited decision. However, there are infinite paths; your vision may be too myopic to see them. If you take the time to assess your desires and then vibe out from there, then the appropriate course for your life will appear. In that vein, I hope you never feel as if you’re choosing between least miserable situations.

16 thoughts on “Behind the Kwote: Least Miserable Situation

  1. There are unlimited options for every situation that crosses our path. We cannot look at these in black and white or as either and or. Each situation presents itself for ultimate outcomes and benefits. The right answer may not lay on the surface. We have to step back and behold the situation from a conscious observer status. Then we will tune into what the choice means and move into the direction that universal consciousness is taking us.

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  2. This is very timely as I take a very challenging advance towards my destiny. My past which is indeed the miserable keeps trying to rear its ugly head. What a battle that feels completely exhausting at times. I really have no other choice but to keep going. I refuse to settle in the pain and shame if what I once use to be, great post my friend!😊

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  3. I know what you mean, I always have to stay true to what i really want but often times I fall into the least miserable situation trap

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  4. Taking a leap of faith can be a very scary thing to do, but almost always the rewards are great. Enjoyed your write and agree with you 🙂

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    1. That’s really what it is, huh? Just leaping and trusting. I guess we’re all so conditioned to wanting to know what’s on the other side with surety that leaping and having faith can be frightening. Thanks for reading and commenting – glad we’re on the same page 😉


  5. I totally agree with this. Many of us have lost touch with our dreams after living in the “least miserable” dichotomy for so long. Life shouldn’t be about avoiding the more painful option, but heading toward the more joyful one. A great kwote, thanks! 🙂

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    1. Absolutely! My main thing when I talk to people now is to let them know that it is possible to dig yourself out of the misery, you know? Sometimes people are in it so long that they can’t see the light/joy. You’re welcome and thanks for stopping by Joan!


  6. I think we often want to simplify life into one of two choices. This can be a false dichotomy and as you point out, a little digging may result in finding a third path. It didn’t in your cousin’s case, but he at least tried out the dream option. With what he learned, perhaps he and his family will forge ahead with a new and different way of life. Or maybe it seems less “miserable” having tried the dream?

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    1. For me, I always figure trying the dream is the best option. I don’t ever want to get to the end of my life and think, “Man, I should’ve done x, y, or z.” My hubby also tends to say that we have limited choices based on our personalities, backgrounds, etc. So for some, trying the dream is really never an option. Thanks for stopping by Amy!


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