17 thoughts on “Inspiring Image #43: Transient

  1. I am uncomfortable knowing that there are so many people who are home-insecure – yet, reading others’ comments, and thinking about your use of the word “transient” made me look again to also see someone who hasn’t given up on her self, her life. It makes me think about resilience and determination and hoping that will be a vehicle to security.

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    1. I wish we all felt uncomfortable about it. You raise a good point. I believe we’re all so desensitized to a lot of life circumstances that we do nothing. I mean think about how many people drive or walked past this person, me included. I don’t have the answers but I do feel as if we can do a little more for one another.

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  2. I see where you’re coming from- but the inspiration is only if there is choice or from the position of privelage and its trappings that we can look at that person and see how much simpler we could live. Maybe it is a choice in that persons case, but considering the high representation of mental illness among the homeless, it is unlikely.

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    1. That’s true too Mek. And maybe I should clarify…everything is a matter of interpretation so I’m hoping to also spark inspiration in any format, such as this convo that hopefully will provoke thought 😊

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      1. 😊 two thoughts after posting my comment: 1. You can get inspiration from anything, even if the subject isn’t inspired. 2. Inspiration in this case is not necessarily in wanting to emulate this persons ‘lifestyle’ – it could be to live with less focus on ‘stuff’, to help out at a shelter, or maybe even to drink more water.

        I realise it actually isn’t for me to say what is or isn’t inspiring to you Kathy – you’ve definitely inspired thought here 😊

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  3. At first I thought, how sad..

    Then I kept looking and he or she probably has all he or she needs right there. You have people in mansions with housekeepers and chefs and all kinds of disposable income who still feel like they don’t have enough.

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