Behind the Kwotes: Dream

Behind each kwote is a brief story that I’ll share from time to time. Each one is fewer than 250 words. Here’s the first one.

What if I told you it was all a dream? Would you do what you wanted then?”

Kwoted begins with these questions. Have you ever dreamed? When you do, are you invincible part of the time? I know I am. Sometimes, I soar. I jump off cliffs and fly. Do you? One day, I literally thought, how come we don’t live life like this? Why is it in our dreams (sometimes) we are super woman/man, but then we wake up in complacency? We awake to fears that we created. Why is this?

On some level I understand because I’ve functioned in fear too. I didn’t want to move to Tallahassee because what if Dwight doesn’t find a job? What if the girls hate me for the rest of their lives for moving them…again? What if I move there and don’t get tenure? What if? But in my dreams, I’m SuperKG conquering the world and doing what I want. How can the difference between wake and sleep be different? Because consciousness and bills, that’s how.

Well, that’s where this quote originated. Oftentimes, I wish we would be less fearful when living life. And a lot of times I believe thinking it’s all a dream would be more helpful. Think Matrix. Think What Dreams May Come? Think Vanilla Sky. Think Inception. Think The Wiz. Okay, some of these might not apply, but all I’m saying is we can be powerful in REAL life, not just when we’re sleep.

20 thoughts on “Behind the Kwotes: Dream

  1. It’s about taking chances and having faith right? I’ve always been a risk taker. Especially when it comes to my career. I’ve been known to make moves most in my circle would never. Sometimes those moves paid off. I’m sitting in a season where I’m not so sure anymore but still have no regrets. Instead I continue to consider my mistakes and keep dreaming….

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    1. Exactly Chanel! I remember talking to a friend of mine, who is steeped in her religion. When I asked her why she wasn’t pursuing her dream, instead of investing so much time in a dead-end job, she really had to think about it, like oh yeah, I guess that is faith. smh – no judgment cause we all do it, but I wish we would all would regret less and dream and do more.


    1. Thanks for the comment Annika! I really do wish that we would all stop being so dang fearful. And I can’t think of anything that’s not cliche to back it up 🙂 (Nothing to fear but fear itself…Everything you want is right on the other side of fear).

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    1. lol – think I need a T-shirt! Okay, so I’m starting to believe that it’s all just a dream/dream-state. Because what’s really different between life, death, dreaming, subconscious behavior? The answers to these questions really depend on your belief system. What do you think?

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      1. I actually really don’t know but in the not-knowing I am open to possibilities including that it is all an illusion. I love pondering this, the concept of ‘maya’. This is a great story: of Narada Muni and Krishna:

        I really believe that the distractions of life like careers, material goals, and even to an extent relationships are challenges to our own personal journey. So much to get caught up in. But then how do you deny the pull of love, being caught up in the wonder of watching your baby grow and all the other beautiful things that may or may not all be ‘illusions’?


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