Be Hopeful

This week’s “Other People’s Quote” comes from a blogger that I follow, not only here on WordPress, but also on Twitter. Her name is KG, the host of KG’s Movie Rants. I think she’s great cause we share initials. But she’s also an insightful film reviewer. KG’s currently accepting guest film reviews. Go check out her blog. You might even find yourself compelled to write something for her!



7 thoughts on “Be Hopeful

    1. Thanks Khaya! A lot of times (like this one), people give me a quote but I have to go fact-find (e.g., Google) to make sure it’s not someone else’s. In this case, I was surprised to find that it is a song! Glad you like it.


      1. I’m glad you had a good laugh Kathy:). And thanks for letting me know about the error message:(. What does the message say exactly so I can hopefully fix it?


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