Dear Working Mommies: 

© Johanna Levene

Re-blogging my second feature of “Other People’s Quotes” provided by Afthead. Please check out Afthead‘s blog. She’s witty. She’s smart. And she’s a great writer!

8 thoughts on “Dear Working Mommies: 

  1. Hey, thanks for the reblog. Your timing is impeccable. I left work Friday sobbing because I got yelled at for messing up a project that my boss is in charge of while simultaneously missing my daughter’s school event after traveling all week and working 16 hour days. Me this week is not this lady; I’m bedraggled and curled in the fetal position. Hopefully that means I’ll have it all next week to get the balance back.

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    1. Noooo! It is weird timing cause I plan my post way ahead of time. So I thought it was strange that you commented yesterday and I had planned to re-blog this. Anywho, today is another day my friend! You get to start all over and be great both professionally and personally 😊

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      1. No really. It looks like she is remembering everything even if it is strewn out behind her. The running joke at my house is that I cannot leave the house once. I always forget something. ALWAYS. My keys, my purse, my lunch, my badge, my phone. I am a forgetting machine.

        This woman ? She has makeup on! She really has it all.

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