Other People’s Quotes

kwotedHi Fellow Bloggers! I usually share my own kwotes. But I want to open this up to you and others. Do you have a favorite quote that inspires you? Do you know of any inspirational quotes by others? Feel free to add them in the comment section. If you add a quote, then I’ll promote by doing the following:

  • Re-blog it under my “Other People’s Quotes” category.
  • Pingback to your blog and give you credit.

Hopefully we can inspire and motivate together, one quote at a time!

50 thoughts on “Other People’s Quotes

  1. Here’s one for you. it’s not light, but it’s very motivating for me:

    β€œHard and unremitting labor is what [art] is. It is in that labor that I feel the weight and force of my own life.” ~Paula Fox, about writing

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  2. I love affirmations and quotes. I have a page on my blog devoted to it that I could update. Favorites include: “Life without art is stupid.” Not sure who said that. This is up on my all time top ten list of quotes: “What day is it?” asked Pooh. “It’s today”, squeaked Piglet. “My favorite day,”said Pooh.
    “She decided to stop cleaning her house and start decorating her soul.” Anonymous
    My own words: “Make something. Something that never existed.”

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      1. Oh! I took a look yesterday and I meant to say something. I’m probably going to download that app soon. As far as the quotes go, I like all of the quotes and I like the idea of a quote category, but I wonder if they could be separated as different posts? Not sure if it’s just a personal preference thing for me, but separating them will guide people to your site slowly. So, for example, I already looked at all of your quotes (cause they’re all in one spot). What would make me come back to look at them again? See what I mean? Hope this is helpful. And maybe we can pair up and pingback to one another’s quotes at some point.

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  3. So much pondering on this one, but I’ll give you one that I give all the new mom’s at work when they come back to the office the first time. “You need to remember that you can have it all, but you can’t have all of it all the time.” I’ve found that I can have a career, a family, interests outside of work, a great relationship with my parents, and time to work out but that all of them can’t be priorities all the time.

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      1. You can credit it to me, Johanna Levene, but of course link to my Afthead blog, since Johanna doesn’t exist in the blogging world outside of Afthead. Thanks!

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