Flying While Black

On Monday, For Harriet published a call to action I wrote. Please check it out, and as always, let me know what you think.

16 thoughts on “Flying While Black

  1. Great article!!! I usually get a weave done before vacations abroad (less hassle for me) and its happened that security patted down my head. I was surprised and did ask what I could be hiding in my hair…and mind you, they were shirley temple like curls. I think she was curious about how it was “installed”… not about security.😮

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      1. …and my “beach wave” weave was “flat” and mixed in with my own curls so it had everything to do with curiosity. Until you wrote about it, I passed it off as “do-whatever-I-need-to-get-my-connecting-flight” …

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      1. Great post Kathy! Sadly didn’t surprise me as I have experienced a similar thing in a different place and different time. Years ago, fresh out of uni and riding in my brand new cheap Korean car with mag wheels etc, I was stopped on the streets of Sydney by police (no actual reason). My dreadlocs were in a beanie and I was asked to take off the beanie. I dealt with a lot of assumptions and predjudice with that hair on top of all other racial profiling that comes with black skin in a ‘white’ land. Not my first or last run in with police either. I like that you provided a clear course of action readers can take if they face a similar situation at airports. No point just complaining- act! I made a complaint to the now defunct ‘office of police integrity’ one time but I received a letter back saying the other officers who witnessed the incident (not the beanie incident) did not feel my complaint was warranted. How do you have an office that assesses integrity run by the same agency it monitors? Part of the reason it no longer exists.

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      2. Racism seems to have no nationality or boundaries, I suppose. Thanks for the comment. Others have said the same thing about the ending. Readers seem happy that I wasn’t just complaining. And yeah, that sounds like a conflict of interest lol

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