Yoga Thoughts 🙏🏾

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I could tell she was new as soon as she arrived. Late. It’s not that you can’t come to yoga late but we were fifteen minutes in. She had missed all the focus-your-mind, set-an-intention stuff.

Second tip was that she came fully dressed. I watched her through my downward facing dog. She unbuttoned her trench coat. She slipped her salmon colored infinity scarf carefully over her newly relaxed hair. Are those riding boots new girl? Sheesh. It’s 50 degrees today. Now those had to be removed, along with her socks. Finally, she could roll out her mat, which perfectly matched the scarf. She must’ve gotten it from Target cause it had the same lotus flower as mine.


Bend your knees. Jump or move to the front of your matHalfway lift. Forward fold.

New girl wasn’t done. She had to lotion her hands and feet. She’s gonna regret that. I thought. I learned the hard way one time how slippery that makes your practice. The lotion was a small brown bottle with ENERGY across the front. Bath and Body Works.

Focus. Focus.

yin_yangI wonder how that guy keeps his glasses on? He was about 6’2”. Dreadlocks graced his back. Think he comes to the Tuesday morning class too. I sweat so much I’m pretty sure my glasses would fall right on the ground. And then I wouldn’t be able to see a thing. What do I need to see anyway, though?

All the way up. Little back bend. Chair pose. A little lower. Palms together. Now turn to the right.

Noooo dreadlock guy! Your other right. This is awkward. We’re facing each other. Yeah, he does come on Tuesdays, too. Guess I’ll look up at the ceiling until this part is over.

Focus. Focus. Focus.

Back to center. Now turn left. You can open your arms or leave them where they are. Remember, it’s your practice.

Least new girl is facing the right way. That guy next to her looks familiar. Think I recognize that brown spot on his toe. Sean? Stan? Sam? What is his name? He plays tennis and needs to stretch his back. Oh maybe that’s not him. S-name guy is a little older than he is.

Hands plant. Jump or step back. Lower chaturanga. Breathe in. Upward. Breathe out. Downward facing dog. Lift your right leg up. Bring your knee to your chest. Right knee in front of your right hand. Right foot in front of your left thigh. Lower if it’s comfortable.

Finally. A pose that will allow me to focus, free from all these people distracting me.


31 thoughts on “Yoga Thoughts 🙏🏾

      1. I know, I once couldn’t believe it when one started taking selfies, right next to me.


      2. Crazy things happen in yoga…lotion and Vinyasa must be quite a terrible combination, thanks for making my day with your beautiful writing

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  1. K E Garland, as a new, and I mean new Yoga convert, from the world of weightlifting, running, walking bicycling, spin class, and just about everything else. This is a great posting bringing a smile to my face and gigglings.

    I have begun to learn the names of the positions and as directed, and I follow along easily with my eyes closed.

    When I open my eyes, my focus is lost viewing others in the class in their attempts to maintain their positions. It is hard to maintain focus when the human mind views others and causing our imaginations to run wild.

    I guess Yoga on the beach or in the mountains would really be either a distraction or bringing great focus.

    Again, great postings. 🙂

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  2. This was funny. Sounds like my thoughts. This is the reason why I can’t meditate, my brain just will not shut off and in the rare case when I can get it to quiet down I then begin to think about the word quiet and the chatter starts all over again.

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  3. i’m kinda new to Yoga too (4 months!). I do kundalini yoga. haven’t been in a few weeks, but it’s great. I look at/ think about what others are doing too. Guessing people’s ages and what not. LOL. But what saves me is that Kundalini yoga is practiced with eyes closed so there’s only so much looking/ being distracted I can do.

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    1. As long as you’re not coming in late and putting on lotion, then you’re all good lol Yoga is absolutely wonderful. I had tried a new one and literally wrote this whole post in my head while I was there. We were holding the poses soooo long that I found myself distracted. Maybe I should try Kundalini 😉

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  4. I think the distractions have a purpose- to make you realise you aren’t being mindful- letting go of the mind chatter regardless of what lotion lady or dreadloc dude were doing. That was a good read! Have a lovely weekend!

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  5. Ha! I like the group practice but all the distractions really take away from its purpose! And that lotion girl! Unbelievable. I say after a certain time, just don’t come!

    Great post. My sister and I laughed out loud.

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