7 thoughts on “Patterns of Love

  1. Interesting…so, for it to qualify as “love” does that mean the right temperature had to be arrived at for each change of state? Does that then mean that there is a correlation between love and the “wavelength” two people are on? Water expands when it freezes – is that comparable to the growth through the difficult (cold) experiences? I thought about your analogy for a while as I drove home this evening…Hot water freezes quicker than cold water- can we compare that to the flash in the pan heat of a fling cooling super quickly compared to what takes time- starts out cold and gradually changes… Okay, just one more thing*-the charge of water is neutral and water can attract itself to positive OR negative charges, by bending in such a way to present the opposite charge to what it is facing- so…that fits your analogy really well too- opposites attract and love knows no bounds- in the face of positivity or negativity.

    *other properties of water that fit the analogy with love are the fact that it is difficult to compress and most of the (and the human body) is comprised of love – oops, I meant water.

    😀 great post Kathy! It got me thinking! 🙂

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    1. Okay – here’s my real response…been busy. This is exactly what I was thinking. When I wrote it, I was afraid that people would see it negatively, instead of for the implicit message that I was sending. Even evaporation is not a “bad” thing. I was going for the energy never dies; it just changes form idea. Love, like water, is just energy. Glad I got you thinking Mek!

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      1. Well thinking life doesn’t have the ‘evaporation’ stage is denial really. What you wrote makes sense immediately, in terms of transitions through different phases, but I really enjoyed thinking about the ‘how’ of the transitions, and the analogy still held water, so to speak…😊

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