Be Mindful

Hate to gross you out but you know I can’t pass up an opportunity to share a lesson learned. What you’re looking at is my burned hand. It’s in process of healing. On December 30th, I held a convo with my oldest daughter, Kesi, while simultaneously pouring boiling, hot water into a mug. Because I was listening to her and not paying attention to how the scalding water got into the cup, I totally missed the destination and emptied it over my left hand.

Here’s why I’m sharing.

A lot of my writing is about being mindful and paying attention in grandiose ways: yoga, eating, working, relationships. Really, we should be mindful in each moment. Either I should have poured water, or I should have finished my conversation. As simple as it seems, I shouldn’t have attempted both. But I’m a product of my environment. Our culture values multi-tasking. However, it didn’t serve me well here. Once my hand was on fire, whatever we discussed turned insignificant. Cold water. Neosporin. Gauze. Holding back a teardrop. That’s where my attention shifted. And trust me, that’s all I was focused on at the time.

It’s really hard to be mindful in each moment. Today, I’ll just start with paying attention to how I pour hot water.

31 thoughts on “Be Mindful

  1. Ouch, that looks so painful. I hope that you’re healing okay. I’m trying to be mindful but sometimes it’s hard and sometimes multi-tasking can get us into hot water, pardon the pun. Take care.

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  2. This is so incredibly true. And I have such a very hard time staying focused on the moment I’m living, much less staying focused on one task at a time.

    There is tons of evidence to say that our brains can only process on task at a time – and when we multi task our brains our furiously switching back and forth between them – still one at at time just trying to do it faster – which is what leads to that terrible burn. Because the daughter conversation is going to be a task that wants more brain time.

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    1. Absolutely! My brain was like, “you should be listening to what she’s saying,” but my body was like, “this should only take a second of your attention.” You’ve described this so perfectly…thanks for the read and comment.

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  3. Aye! Sometimes we need those painful reminders to get us back in tune and maybe it was better to be physical because the spiritual and mental reminders aren’t always so quick to heal.
    Still hate that you had to go through that! Looks very painful.

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  4. Ouch!!! This hurts to even look at….I’m so sorry this happened to you. Could be so much worse. Happy you’re alright….sending a Friday hug your way 💜

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  5. So true, there are so many things we do at the same time while we hardly realize it. However, I don’t think this should have happened to you, even though you were ‘multi-tasking’. But I’m glad you wrote this mindful post about it, I hope other people can learn from it as well. Please take care!

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