#Justice for Tamir Rice

IMG_3486Whenever I wear this shirt, you should see the looks that I get. People gaze in amazement as if my name is George Zimmerman and I stood my ground against Trayvon Martin. They stare, eyes fixated on the word.


My dad saw me in this shirt and he just laughed. He understood.

“They probably look at you and say Justice, What?” He was right. That’s exactly what my father-in-law asked.

“Justice?” He questioned with his hands outstretched and face bewildered.

It’s justice for anyone. Justice for everyone. But no one else has asked. Instead, people glance and do double-takes, as if my name is Michael Dunn and I just murdered Jordan Davis, an unarmed Black boy who wouldn’t turn his music down.


People peer at the shirt as if the letters will change before their eyes. Maybe it reads Just ice, I imagine they’re thinking. But they never ask. Mostly, they gawk, like I was the cop who gunned down 12 year-old Tamir Rice on that cold Cleveland day. They whisper to their significant others as if I was the officer who shot Laquan McDonald 16 times in the middle of a Chicago street. Their glances speak volumes, as if it was me who kneeled on Eric Garner’s back and choked him to death on a New York city sidewalk. They glare at me as if I know what happened to Freddie Gray or Sandra Bland, two citizens found dead in police custody in Baltimore and Texas, respectively.


Accusatory eyes wonder if I assassinated John Crawford in the middle of WalMart as he shopped. Maybe they believe I know why Michael Brown was not only executed, but also left to rot in the sweltering Ferguson heat.

And I want to say, don’t look at me. I’m just wearing a T-shirt that shows what we all want. A T-shirt that reminds everyone what every American citizen is supposed to have.

Justice for Jamar Clark.







26 thoughts on “#Justice for Tamir Rice

  1. I lived one township east of Miami Gardens, Florida(Aventura) where Trayon lived. He attended Miami Carol City Senior High for some of his high school attendance. I think he was attending Norland Senior High School just east of it when he died. I taught there for 28 years but retired before he attended. There were 7 drive-by shootings in his neighborhood where adults and children were wounded/killed in just the 5 months after his death. Black on Black crime. I was disappointed that Al or Jesse did not come to console those families. Were these any less tragic than Zimmerman’s crime ? I think the police and city should have been sued by Trayvon’s family. I know of no other crime watch in the nation that lets participants carry a weapon and all are directed not to engage with the suspicious people just notify police. My grandchildren are mixed African American, Haitian, Italian and Cuban. I am half Roman, half Sicilian. I cannot tell you how horrified I was when my granddaughter then 10 years old asked me “Grampa, are they going to shoot me because I’m Black?” Oh dear child, that would be the end of the world. Thanks visit my blog.

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    1. Thanks for the read and response Carl. The “black on black crime” label should probably be retired. In fact, I’ve been writing in my head about how we should remove the labels and call it all murder. Maybe if we saw each one, gang-violence, police brutality and “black on black crime” as just murders, then more would be done to prevent them. It’s really sad that you even have to discuss this topic with your granddaughter. What does she think now that she’s older and unarmed teenagers continue to be murdered?

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      1. Yes , I think you are right about the labels. Murder is murder. But it’s not murder for cops being the same for killing a citizen. Kill a cop and it’s automatic death penalty. Kill a civilian and the guy could be out in 15 years or less. I am not sure if I shared this with you. Three of my four grandchildren are mixed black: one 6, one 12 and one 14. So I am especially sensitive to the issue. In Miami there were half a dozen questionable shootings of young black males. The alleged investigations of the City of Miami cops has been blocked and still unresolved. The shootings happened aver three years ago ! When Traayvon was killed my then 10 year old daughter asked me “Grampa. are they going to shoot me because I am black ?” I cannot begin to tell you how hard that hit me. Oh, dear child that would be the end of the world.


      2. Thanks for this reply Carl. You’re right about comparing killing a cop. There would be all out war if cops were murdered at the same rate by citizens. You did tell me about your granddaughter/grandchildren. Have you watched a documentary called 3 1/2 minutes? I highly recommend it. I hope with people like you and me society will grow to be better.


  2. Such a tragedy to what this world has come to. Share your voice sweet friend and know we’re with you! Justice….where the hell is it? Horrific situations and nothing is being done. Great post!!!

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  3. I want one! I have a gloss rags tee with some of the names you mentioned and I get many compliments on it while other people just stare. I think it’s vital we keep talking about it. Don’t let them be forgotten or swept under the rug.

    Every little conversation or glance matters.

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    1. Hey Kelley! You can get one from the natural girls rock online store…now where can I get the one mentioned? And of course I agree. Once we start to forget or stop talking, that’s when things will get much worse

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  4. There is so much injustice in the world and it seems imbalanced against people of color. I am concerned that its becoming a human rights issue and it makes this country look very bad in the eyes of the rest of the world.

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    1. I agree. It’s all a human rights issue but I really think some people don’t see others as humans, thus the murders. Also, idk how we can continue police the world when we don’t even police ourselves. Okay. Hopping off of my soapbox 😉

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