21 Days

For 21 days, I had no sugars and carbs. I deactivated my Facebook account. I exercised. And I meditated. Why? Why would you do this to yourself, friends and family have asked. The simple answer is it’s a form of discipline. More in depth answers are below. 

Image. © 2015. K E Garland. All Rights Reserved.
No sugars and carbs is a great way to stop craving sugars and carbs. The thing about me is that I’m a real food eater. Meaning, if I had to choose between a full-course meal and a slice of cake, then I unequivocally will choose the full-course meal. But after vacation eating in June and then stress eating in July, I began requesting and making multiple visits to Sweets by Holly for mini red velvet cupcakes. Detoxing from this stuff started my re-set button.

Deactivating Facebook for at least 21 days is mandatory for me. Each social media site has its own perks and drawbacks, but I find Facebook to be the most time consuming because of personal connections. Having multiple inbox conversations, liking and questioning friends’ and family members’ posts is fun. But sometimes it’s a huge distraction. Detoxing from this site forced me to pick up the phone and actually check on people when they floated across my mind. And most of the time, direct communication felt better.

Exercising for 21 consecutive days helps me to practice listening to my body. Some days I practiced yoga. Other days I ran. Functional exercises occurred somewhere in between. And on those lazy weekend days when my body wasn’t used to working out? I took a 3-mile walk outside. The point is I used intuition to determine what would be an appropriate way to move. No app. No trainer. Just me. And it worked. I felt good about what I was doing and there was no burnout.

A 21-day Meditation quiets my mind so that I can focus on one particular aspect of self-improvement. For example, last year I chose to concentrate on relationships. During that one, I learned to love my core self more; consequently, other relationships began to flourish. This year, I meditated on the energy of attraction. I’ll keep you posted on those benefits as they occur.

Focus is important. Whether it’s ditching sugar or unplugging from social media, adding exercise and meditation, or something else altogether, doing (or not doing) an activity for 21 days helps to jumpstart mindfulness. Being aware can also spark a bit of consciousness as you deliberately think about your SELF and how you’re living. Depending on your activity, those small changes may not only positively impact you, but also those around you.

20 thoughts on “21 Days

    1. I think I was okay this year with all at once because I’ve done each one in the past by itself. You should try maybe writing for 21 days. I changed the type of workouts that I did. So, they were mostly low impact.

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      1. I should try the no carbs and workout one! I’m in a food and exercise rut. Normally I run though, so when I cut out carbs and run I get grouchy. No one likes a grouchy Afthead.

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  1. I rather like carbs *sigh* but heck I have a high metabolism and I run lots ^_^ but I did start the running as a 21 day challenge to myself and I found I liked it, so I kept it…. Isn’t if you do (or not do) something for 21days it becomes a habit.

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    1. Great and difficult question Madeline. Without the other chatter, I actually get to hear my own thoughts and process them quicker. Things come to the forefront of my mind because there’s not much blocking them. In terms of sugar, I’m not sure. I just know that my “normal” physical state doesn’t require sugar so it reverts back pretty quickly and seamlessly when I leave it alone.

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    1. I did one last year through the holiday season…it was a bit tough but I found that afterwards I wasn’t living in a state of regret or over-indulgence. Good Luck! And let the blogosphere know how it goes 😉


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