*Fall and Death

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Why can’t we welcome death the way that we welcome fall? Each is a transition of sorts.

Autumn is more beautiful and less hurtful. Remnants of reds, oranges and yellows are comforting, even if leaves are dying. Fall symbolizes cooler weather and special spiced lattes. It represents pumpkins and caramel apples.

While a person’s life may be celebrated as magnificent, rarely is his or her death.

We can anticipate fall. This year it began on September 23rd at 4:21 A.M. The almanac predicted and told us when to prepare for our weather’s shift. We can arrange a convenient time to pack our shorts and sandals and replace empty drawer space with sweaters.

But we can’t do the same with loved ones. After all, no one knows for whom the bell tolls. Plus, friends and family hold a special place in our hearts. People are irreplaceable. Summer yields a different emotional connection. Sure you can love June and July and what those months bring, but not like your favorite aunt. So although fall is a sort of onset of death, it will always receive a warmer welcome.

Should we stop comparing nature to life’s events? Or should we begin seeing life’s transitions as we do other natural events? The answer isn’t clear. The answer rarely is.

*This is inspired by a few memes I saw comparing fall to humans’ physical death. It’s also something I’ve been thinking about because a lot of celebrity preachers use nature comparisons to inspire. I’m still trying to figure out if comparing these two is really appropriate. Feel free to comment as I work it out.

2 thoughts on “*Fall and Death

  1. “And told us when to prepare for our weather’s shift….” Now that’ll preach. Reminds me of a sermon I did called Forewarned and Still Unprepared”.

    Change is inevitable and like the shedding of skin to reveal new growth; it’s necessary.

    Really liked this and praying you are well💞💞💞e

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